Garnet Army’s first NFT collection. 10,000 unique collectible characters with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

MetaClowns are 10,000 uniquely generated characters. No two are exactly alike, and each one of them can be officially owned by a single person on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each MetaClown is unique and exclusive based on 100+ traits. We want to build the strongest community and project around NFTs.

The main goal is to give a new opportunity to you MetaClowns Members, we want to offer you a membership that provides you with a wide variety of advantages that we will be revealing soon.

When you buy a MetaClown, you’re not just buying a simple NFT, you’re gaining access to a community where benefits and profits are preserved over time.


Each NFT is algorithmically generated from 100+ unique traits which varies in rarity


MetaClowns will have many benefits for future drop and collaborations we make. By holding a MetaClown, we want to reward you with privileges that will give you access to many benefits. MetaClowns will keep growing with new projects that we plan to release.


The future is McApp. A mobile app with different very simple mini-games for everyone, an innovative project with a great future that we are creating. Below we explain how this app works.

The main objective is to give a new opportunity to the members of MetaClowns, we will make sure of their investment and that our future projects that we link with this get to do something different in the metaverse to achieve all our goals. We will also constantly improve to offer the best designs and the best value possible.

We will improve the interface of our social networks and our website, in addition to offering our holders access to a whitelist for our future mobile App that will consist of participating in events every month, where they will compete with the other holders and those who remain in the superior raking will be sent exclusive physical items with the numbering of your MetaClown since there will be no other like it in the world.

WE LAUNCH OUR MOBILE APP, in this app the holders could be play competitive minigames to earn a physical reward.

We want to show you that you made the best decision by joining MetaClowns and make sure your investment pays off. For this we are planning to do a massive marketing (celebrities, announcements in the biggest cities of the world…). In addition to all this, we will contact companies to offer the best rewards to our McApp users. You will be able to boast that you are part of this club.


The future is McApp. A mobile app with different very simple mini-games for everyone, an innovative project with a great future that we are creating.

At McApp all MetaClowns holders will be able to enjoy an event which will last 3 days the first weekend of every month, from Friday to Sunday. The players will have unlimited lives, the player who has managed to go the furthest during those 3 days will get a higher position in the ranking.

In these events, the holders will compete to be at the top of the ranking and thus be able to get the physical object of that month, unique and exclusive in the world, as well as personalized with the MetaClown they have and numbered with their #.

These objects can be both jewelry, watches, etc. We will always collaborate with recognized brands. There will only be 51 units, each one different around the world. The rankings will be divided as follows.

¡McApp will be available weeks after selling 100% of the collection!

10,000 MetaClowns

10+1 categories

5 winners in each

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